Privacy Policy

With sufficient recognition of our social mission, all personal information we handle shall be protected in compliance with laws and regulations regarding protection of personal right and personal information.

Further, we hereby declare that we will build up a personal information protection management system to realize policies as set out below and work on its continuous improvement with the whole company while always recognizing trend of latest IT technology, changes in social request and business environment.

We shall properly acquire, use and provide personal information to be handled in business regarding FX future trading as well as hiring of employees and human resource management and shall not handle beyond the range required for achieving specified purpose of use. We shall also take any measure to protect it.

We shall comply with laws regarding handling of personal information as well as guidelines and other rules stipulated by the country.
We shall take rational safety measures against risks of leakage, loss and damage of personal information to prevent them and inject management resources suitable for current conditions of the business to continuously improve security system of personal information. In addition, we shall take corrective action promptly in case of emergency.

We shall respond promptly and faithfully to complaints and consultation regarding personal information handling.
Personal information protection management system shall be appropriately revised on a timely basis and continuously improved based on recognition of change and current situation of environment surrounding our company.

We shall take measures to make this policy available for anyone while distributing it to all employees to make it fully known and posting on our website and pamphlets for stakeholders to be able to obtain it.